Why choose Triad Speakers?

outdoor party people enjoying music played on Triad Speakers

When it comes to sound in your home, you shouldn’t have to settle for something ‘that’ll do’. That’s why generic speakers just won’t do when it comes to getting that crisp, clear sound.

That’s where Triad speakers come in. An innovative product that can be applied to almost everything, these speakers bring high-quality sound into your home and garden seamlessly.

Who are Triad?

An American company that’s been running since 1982, they design and manufacture a range of high-end, architectural loudspeakers.

Offering amazing sound, appearance and value, they’re engineered for performance with the company valuing substance over gimmicks. Subtly beautiful, each speaker is custom built with an array of specific applications with the focus always being on the sound quality.

From in-ceiling and on-wall loudspeakers to soundbars, home theatre and outdoor audio speakers, it’s easy to see why Triad has become a premier manufacturer. But what makes these custom-built speakers so great?

Why Choose Triad?

Billed as being ‘made fresh daily’, these speakers are expertly crafted just for you. So, you know you’re getting the most up-to-date version on offer and not something that’s been sitting on a shelf for two to three years.

Fully engineered for exquisite sound, the solidly built enclosures are built like bank vaults to ensure they’re tough and hard-wearing. Whereas most manufacturers use particleboard, Triad use MDF, the most uniform cabinet material for a better-quality finish.

Alongside this, you’ll be afforded the best materials and extensive damping, all designed to produce the cleanest sound at all playback levels. The drivers and crossover components within the products also provide the best performance for value, with many of them used in far more expensive speakers.

This quality even goes all the way down to those final details, using brass fittings rather than wooden screws, alongside high-quality paint.

A brand that doesn’t cut corners, these speakers are tried and tested in-house before being sent out to customers and can be adapted to fit into all homes. Whether it’s a new- build, retrofit, an invisible design or outdoors, they can craft the perfect speakers for you.

That’s why we work with Triad speakers.

indoor triad speaker

Environmentally friendly

It’s not just the design, quality material and attention to detail that makes Triad an excellent company. Their ethos is of high-quality too.

Since the early 90s, they’ve been extremely environmentally conscious when it comes to manufacturing. The company has achieved this by keeping the space in which they work quiet and dust-free with overkill ventilation systems. Meanwhile, they use non-harsh solvents and water-based challenges.

What’s available and where can they be used?

Regardless of the type of loudspeaker you’re looking for, chances are, Triad will be able to cater to your size and shape specifications.

From invisible speakers, which can be hidden inside your walls for when you don’t want your technology on display, but still want excellent sound, these are perfect for everywhere from a home to a restaurant or gallery.

Below, you’ll find the four different types for you to choose from:

Home theatre

Due to the immersive sound, these are ideal for anyone who’s looking to have a home theatre. Giving you that cinema experience these will looking amazing whether they’re on display or fitted into the walls.


While soundbars are becoming more and more popular, there’s none quite like a Triad soundbar. As they are made for you, they can be created to match the design and look of your TV perfectly and can even fit the length of the TV or be slightly hidden, stopping the balance from looking wrong and distracting you while viewing.

Every room audio

The best part about Triad speakers is they can be used everywhere. Incredibly flexible and easy to install, they have speakers in various designs to fit seamlessly into your kitchen, garage and everywhere in between to deliver amazing sound.

Outdoor audio

You won’t have to rely on a Bluetooth speaker or your phone while outdoors anymore. Perfect for outdoor spaces, the amplifier speakers offer excellent dispersion and coverage for wonderful outdoor audio.

With all of this and a 10-year limited warranty on all speakers, it’s easy to see why Triad has become a beloved and well-respected brand within the industry.

So, if you’re looking to improve the sound quality of your home, and want something you know you can trust, get in touch with us today and enquire about Triad speakers in our home audio systems.

You can contact us on 0800 622 6884 or via email on contactus@nirvanaav.co.uk and someone will get back to you.