What is smart lighting?

smart house

Once upon a time, the thought of controlling your lights without moving from your chair or bed was something you only saw in sci-fi films. However, like many items once only seen on Star Trek, you no longer have to use the switches to turn your lights on and off anymore.

Like many other things in the world, smart lighting is here to win us all over.

Smart lighting

Like most items that are smart, smart lightbulbs are operated by using the Wi-Fi in your home. These can then be controlled by other smart devices that you own, such as your smartphone or tablet.

A great way of turning the lights on and off without having to get out of your seat and ruining your comfort, smart lightbulbs offer more flexibility than traditional ones. While it was once a simple case of on and off, smart lighting allows you to change the brightness of the bulb, and many of them offer the chance to change the colour too, due to them containing coloured LEDs.

All done through an app on your smart device, you can even create different light settings for reading, watching movies or just day-to-day activities. The apps also give you the chance to name different lighting combinations and rooms, making it easier to have all the lights on or a few at a time, depending on where you are.

With a range of bulbs available from the likes of everyone from Philips with their Hue bulbs to IKEA and a range of other brands, there’s a bulb out there for everyone.

But, one thing we’ve not mentioned yet, is that smart lighting systems don’t even have to be controlled through an app. They can also be controlled with your voice.

As the bulbs are connected via a hub that’s connected to the router, they can also be connected to home help systems such as Amazon’s Alexa or a Google Home device.

These make lighting control in your home even easier, as you can simply talk to your devices to switch lights on and off at your convenience.

While smart bulbs can offer a wealth of convenience when you’re at home, after all, you may never have to touch a light switch again, there are ways of making it even easier. This can be done through smart lighting systems that are integrated into the makeup of your home.

Integrated lighting

Taking the convenience of smart lighting to a whole new level, the Control4 smart lighting system takes any hassle, no matter how small, out of having to illuminate your home.

While you may be wondering how, these systems are installed and can respond to your actions, rather than the touch of a switch or phone screen, or even from the sound of your voice.

This means the lighting can be put on to automatic timers to come on and off at certain times or dim and brighten at others. While this can be done with some smart bulbs, this happens without any assistance and can even turn on when you enter a room, before switching off when you leave.

What’s great about these systems is they provide a heightened level of security, as it’ll always look like someone is at home if they turn on and off at intervals. But, can also alert others to someone being in the house if a light comes on – which can also work to detract anyone looking to break in.

Also, they are much more efficient and can save money. This is due to you being able to turn off the whole house quickly, rather than running around to check lights. And, as mentioned, they can turn themselves on and off, and there won’t be any flicker when you have modern LEDs installed.

With a fully integrated system, it’ll also remove the need for switches, which can create issues with regular smart bulbs if turned on and off by people who don’t know you have a smart bulb. This also goes towards helping the architecture of the home too, as lights, switches and lamps almost become a thing of the past – but this is only a minor bonus.

With smart lighting looking to stay, thanks to the convenience and energy-saving credentials in the log-run, it looks like a smart lighting systems, no matter how big, could be an investment you won’t regret making.

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