Here's what are customers are saying about us!

Mr Sloane Testimonial

“Initially, I wasn’t sure if I needed this level of tech in the new home I was building, and I was concerned it would be hard work!

Now it’s complete, and we are living with it, I’m more than pleased. It has helped create a different living experience, and the whole family including my 7-year-old son are happy with how it works. It’s a valued part of our new home.

Nirvana and their technicians have done a great job designing and installing the whole system, and when we’ve had a few teething problems, or amendments they have responded quickly and sorted it out.

I would personally recommend Nirvana to anyone considering home automation.”

Mr Sloane

The best there is!

I approached Nirvana AV with my home-made plans for home automation with the idea of just using their brain to control it all. That’s until I swiftly realised that I could create something much more comprehensive for similar pricing and have it installed by experts.

James understood my requirements, took my floorplans and helped map where all the cabling needed to run and what devices will be at the end of each. Each item was itemized and we put together a plan of what we’re going to do and when. The good thing about Nirvana AV is that they’re a Platinum Control4 dealer, so their costs compared to other installers came up trumps. Not only that, the system is only as good as the installer, and as their quantity of jobs is so large, they’re specialised at what they do.

Whilst my house was being built, they frequently visited the house to ensure everything was going to plan and always had connections to companies that could help create a better solution for me.

The whole team from admins (Katie), to installers (Will), and Managers (James) are all great people and easy to get along with.

The craftsmanship within the house is impeccable. The rack is organised and well labelled with cables grouped and colour coded. They always clean up after themselves and leave your home the same standard it was before they came. You can also be comfortable leaving them to work within the house if you’re out working.

Overall, I’m really happy with my experience and I would recommend them to others. So much so, they’re starting on my father’s new build next. Thank you!

Jamie Gregory

Andrew Sweeney Testimonial

Nirvana fitted a full home automation, AV and cinema room for me. They did a first class job and I was very impressed with the standard of the workmanship and the knowledge of the personal. They really know their stuff.

Andrew Sweeney

Tahir Kahn Testimonial

I have previously used AV/Smart home companies and been left underwhelmed with the service and support. 

James was very professional understood very quickly our requirements and delivered a solution that helped to control our lighting, CCTV security cameras, Cinema room 4K projector and sound system upgrade. 

I would highly recommend Nirvana to anyone considering services for Smart home automation..

Tahir Kahn

My family and I were invited to a family open day last month and we did not know what to expect. Wow, we were in for a real treat! I did not understand what a properly installed AV system or games system could offer our own until I saw the possibilities of what was on offer.

Nirvana are offering a lifestyle service that allows sound and vision to enhance your living environment. They showed us how flexible this approach could be to suit my own modest pocket to what I could with a little more budget.

If you get the chance to see the showroom, and you are in the market for more than just a telly in the corner do not hesitate to call Nirvana. Their relaxed approach in a great showroom may just be what adds that extra value to your own home and how you and your family enjoy your space.

Anil Mehta