System recovery & support

We can repair, recover and maintain previous installations undertaken by other integrators.

State-of-the-art System Recovery Services

We will investigate your system,  provide you with a tailored service agreement and recommend changes to be implemented. 

Our aim is to minimise your systems downtime, future-proof your system and ensure that you enjoy your new smart home technology for many years to come. 

The standard hardware warranty periods range from between 1-5 years and these are generally return to base. Following the installation of your smart home technology, a 3 month standard service level agreement is issued absolutely FREE.   


We are often asked about after sales service; what is it and why do people need it?

As with any aspect of modern technology, nothing is faultless with even the best and most stable IT networks occasionally going wrong; as well as mobile phones, heating systems and appliances. Just like with vehicles, home technology should be maintained by trained professionals and serviced regularly to ensure continuous performance and stability. 

Smart Home technology has become the hub of the home, enabling us to control many different devices by simply pressing a button. Unfortunately, should the home technology not work correctly, this can create a major issue. 

Therefore, we provide a range of service level agreements for your peace of mind to ensure your system is looked after; even if your system was installed by another integrator. 


Hassle-free maintenance solutions

Fast onsite response

Remote monitoring

Unrivalled engineering experience