Smart Home Technology for the Elderly

elderly couple with grandchildren using control 4

People from all around the world face the predicament of how best to care for their older loved ones. Not everybody is comfortable with the idea of a nursing home and would much rather their loved ones be in the comfort of their own property. Therefore, it is essential to explore different ways to enable a safe, comfortable, and functional environment where they can age with dignity and grace without the expense.

There has been development around the smart home technology industry to make devices simpler to install and easier to use, making this option one of the more popular choices for elderly users. With the feature of being able to connect your devices to the internet, it allows carers to easily keep an eye on their loved ones. The connection works seamlessly and doesn’t require any special steps to be taken by seniors and there is no sacrifice to their privacy or independence. The benefit of having internet-enabled products is that it provides peace of mind, comfort, and control which are offered by Control4.

Types of devices


First, we have sensors. Having a sensor within your home can benefit the overall safety of the home, including watching and reporting break-ins and monitoring the home to warn of any problems such as fire or flooding. A couple of examples of where you can apply sensors are to front doors to monitor if the homeowner has left or returned to their home and also on medicine cabinets which enables carers to know if and when the homeowner has taken their medication.


Secondly, a smart home includes surveillance cameras that provide visual and audible verification of activities in the home. The images and audio can then be transmitted in real-time to a caregiver’s smartphone, so if they need to respond to a situation, they are able to communicate through the camera’s built-in microphone. These cameras can be easily installed throughout the home including the front door, which gives the homeowner the security of being able to see and speak with visitors using a tablet or phone before allowing them in. This is particularly useful for those who struggle to get to the door in time.


Next, there’s smart lights and thermostats. It is essential for the senior to manage their home with very little effort in order to allow them to live independently. The benefits of installing smart lighting keypads are that they can automatically turn select fixtures on and off at pre-programmed times of the day, they can also become reminders: such as flashing the kitchen lights when it’s time to take medication.

In the meantime, smart thermostats allow you to automatically set the temperature to the preferred choice of the senior, without having to use buttons, dials, or knobs. If they are feeling too warm or too cold, they are able to easily adjust the settings from a smartphone or tablet – requiring minimal effort.


Lastly, when you install a voice-enabled home control system and attach the above features, you are able to control each individual one by using voice commands. By using simple phrases, they can manage the lights, temperature, music, video, security, and more. Carers are also given access to the system by using the Internet and can use it to their advantage such as being able to turn a light off which may have been left on.

As you can see, there are several different benefits for the elderly with an automated smart home. If your elderly loved one is opting to stay at home, it is essential for them to live in comfort and to also give you peace of mind. Installing smart home technology for the elderly provides the homeowner with the tools for independent living.

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