Smart Home Security: Evolved

an example of mockupancy with a family using the Smart Home system by control 4

There are many new technologies in the smart home automation market. The most established system we have which has been around for many years is the home security system. Since the advent of fast data connections, home security systems have radically changed and can simulate you being at home (mockupancy) without you actually being there!


The most obvious control for your home is the security-related features such as electronic door locks, CCTV devices and motion sensors. In addition to these, our smart home security systems can also control lights, automate windows and shades, and can even simulate occupancy by mimicking you being there when you are out.

Our smart home automation systems can do more than prevent the danger of break-ins: they can also keep your home safe from any external dangers and infrastructure-related problems. We have smart home systems that feature report flooding sensors, power outage detectors, and even report any swings in temperature to you.

When integrated with our Smart Home OS 3 (Operating System), a smart home security system provides peace of mind and helps your home run like a well-oiled machine.

Let’s review a few of the aforementioned examples and see how home security and automation systems can make your life easier, more convenient, and of course safer.


Mockupancy was in the past, one of the first ways to deter break-ins. The installation of timers around the house to turn on lights and other devices made your home look like it was occupied. It was simple and cheap, but the predictability of having various timers in the home became a clear sign that the house was vacant. Today’s smart systems are much harder to predict because they are able to mimic the homes’ behaviours and schedules by turning lights, TVs, and music on and off in a more realistic fashion. To an outside observer, it will look just like you are home, interacting with all of the devices in the usual way. This is how mockupancy works and is ideal for home security.


Imagine you are at work, on a business trip, running errands, or on holiday and you need to check on your home. With a more robust security and automation system, you’ll be able to confirm security settings and check if any doors and windows were left open. You’ll be able to do this remotely by using your mobile device. In addition to this feature, you’ll be alerted if an alarm goes off or if any sensors are tripped, you can also receive alerts if any moisture is detected in the utility area or kitchen or if an off-limits area has been accessed. Even if it’s someone you trust (like your dog walker or house sitter), it’s nice to know what’s going on in your home when you’re away.


Smart home application on view on a smart mobile phone showing how mockupancy works

Cameras and sensors can detect and notify you when something goes missing. From something that is displayed in the house to your car in the garage or on the driveway. When the camera detects that something is moved and not replaced after a designated period of time, it will log the event and can send out an alert. Your smart home security system stays on, so you don’t have to worry.

With our smart home systems, you can use cameras that are built into intercoms or touch screens to monitor and communicate with any connected room of your house. This is ideal if you’re in the living room and want to know what your children are up to, then you can check in from your network-connected TV or touchscreen or if you are on the go, you can do this via a mobile device. At any point, you can take action as necessary when you receive the alerts.


Just as a security system sends outgoing messages to you, it can receive incoming messages and instructions from you. Imagine you are away from your home and you don’t like what you see on your visual monitoring device? You can simply turn on the outside lights and speak out over an intercom to scare off the intruder at the touch of a button. Is a member of your family coming home late? Make sure they get in safely and lock up as soon as they are inside without having to leave your bed.

From your mobile device, the settings of your home automation security system can be altered. For instance, allowing houseguests access to your home while you’re out at work or running an errand. It’s also fantastically useful if you have forgotten to close the garage or lock the front door. With the secure remote connection, you can lock up right from your smartphone and not have to worry for the rest of the time you are away from your house.


Any security system can signal the relevant authorities if an alarm goes unresolved for more than a few minutes, but what if your home security system could engage preventative measures all on its own? If your security system is part of a Smart Home OS 3, then it just might. For example, imagine if your system detected dangerous levels of carbon monoxide building up whilst you were asleep. Not only would you be alerted, along with smart programming, but your automation system could also automatically trigger motorized windows to open, allowing fresh air to flow in and dilute the noxious gas.

showing how mockupancy works in the smart home intercom anywhere app working on a tablet in a living room

There are so many ways to safeguard your home and family, from subtle methods like automating the lights to the more complex like having an alarm whenever a sensor is breached. Integrating smart devices and these features, like those mentioned above, will complement your home security can take your home protection plan to a whole new level.

If you’d like to find out how Nirvana AV can help you with the installation of a smart home in your house and mockupancy  contact us.