Reasons why you need a home cinema room

2 black chairs facing a home cinema room screen

The home cinema room, once a commodity of the super-rich, is now more than ever much more accessible. The cinema, it’s an experience many of us enjoy, however, just as many don’t enjoy going to the cinema, despite loving the big screen experience.

We’ve outlined everything you need to know about installing one, alongside the benefits of a home cinema below.

How to set up a home cinema room

Designed purely for entertainment, you’ll need to make sure you get everything right when it comes to the electronic components of your home cinema room.

The screen

The most important element, the home cinema screen is the one thing you need to get right. The size of the room will dictate the size, but people with larger rooms tend to opt for 16 to 18ft screens. If you’re a sports fan, you may want to opt for multiple screens to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Smart TV or projector

While the size of the screen is one thing, knowing whether you want a traditional style TV, or a projector is another. While the larger screens are going to cost far more than projector screens, these can change size depending on the space you project them. However, when compared, TVs are far better when it comes to brightness, contrast and screen resolution.

Sound system

The cinema experience relies on sound. It’s the second most important element. Therefore, getting it right is vital. As a minimum requirement, you’ll need a source, such as a DVD player, an audio/video receiver or preamplifier/processor with a multichannel amplifier and five or more multichannel speakers.

Additional equipment

On top of these key elements, there are a few smaller items you’ll need too.

  • Universal remote – one of these will remove the hassle of several remotes and the chances of losing one
  • Surge protectors – as you won’t know what power outage might occur, these are a necessity you may not have thought of
  • Wireless – make sure everything is wireless and can be connected. It’ll help to remove the issue of wires while making everything easier to control

Other factors

Of course, the equipment isn’t the only thing you’ll need to think about. Other elements will play a key role too.


Adding a home cinema room can be expensive. That’s why it’s important to figure out how much money you have before jumping in. You can even talk to people who’ll be able to advise you on what you can do with your budget, and how best to spend it.


This will determine how big your home cinema will be. It’ll also impact on your budget. After all, if the screen is small, or if you’re only opting for a projector, the cost could be lower. However, if you have a huge budget, you may want to add additional space to your home to accommodate a lavish cinema experience.

Benefits of a home cinema

While you may think it’s a crazy idea, the fact they’re more accessible is tempting, and there are plenty of great reasons to install a home cinema.

  1. No hassle movies

While there’s nothing like a cinema experience, having to move while people go to the toilet can be tiresome. With a home cinema, you can sit back and enjoy the film as you please – and with reasonably priced snacks.

  1. Best seats

It can be annoying after you’ve paid so much money only to get a terrible seat. With your home cinema, however, you’ll always have front row seats.

  1. You’re in control

Nothing on at the cinema that takes your fancy. That won’t be a problem in your own home, as you can watch any film you want (current cinema releases excluded).

  1. Stream big

It’s not just films that you can watch. When you have a home cinema, you’ll be able to watch all your streaming services on the big screen.

  1. Are you a gamer?

With excellent sound and a massive screen, the immersive world of a home cinema room also provides a great gaming experience.

  1. Sound quality

When you have a space in your home such as this, you’ll have far more advanced speakers than you’ve been used to. This, in turn, will provide you with a clearer sound at all times.

  1. The furniture

Cinema seats aren’t the comfiest. But, when it comes to having your own, you’ll be able to pick the comfiest furniture.

  1. Home value

Installing a home cinema room can add value to your home. If you build a new attachment to accommodate it, it won’t remove any current space, instantly adding value.

Now that it sounds even more exciting, the thought of a home cinema system is probably more tempting.

If you’d like to find out how Nirvana AV can help you with the installation of your home cinema, contact us.