Nirvana AV are Control 4 Certified Showroom

#C4Yourself Day on Thursday, October 18


Preston, Lancashire – Sept 18, 2018 – (4 pm – 8 pm) – Nirvana AV is pleased to unveil its new Control4 Certified Showroom, located at 3 Lockside Office Park, Lockside Road, Preston, Lancashire, PR2 2YS.

Nirvana AV has been in business for over 10 years, focused on providing home automation, entertainment, and security systems to the Lancashire area. Our customers seek out the latest home technologies, and we design each system to suit their interests, needs, and smart home features they may want to add to their homes in the future.

Our  Preston showroom is designed to give local Lancashire homeowners, architects, and designers the opportunity to experience a Control4 Smart Home in an experiential environment. The Certified Showroom demonstrates the possibilities of a smart home system, from a one-room entertainment solution that controls everything in the family, or a system that spans the whole house to include lighting, temperature control, multi-room audio, and more. Nirvana AV’s new showroom is a powerful way of drawing in consumers through personalised and engaging home automation experiences.

“Upon entering the showroom, visitors can interact with different aspects of a Control4 Smart Home. Our goal is for them to be inspired and envision similar experiences being incorporated into their own homes or projects (view our project). They quickly realise how intuitive and easy it is to simplify all of the connected devices and systems in their home to help with daily routines, create a more comfortable ambiance, and make life a bit more enjoyable,” said James Mahon, General Manager, Nirvana AV.

“We are thrilled that Nirvana AV has opened a Control4 Certified Showroom in Preston. Our dealers are passionate about what they do, and they value being able to educate and guide their consumers to reach their ideal smart home installation experience from start to finish,” said Bryce Judd, SVP Sales at Control4. “Because Nirvana offers an immersive showroom experience, homeowners in their area get the opportunity to really engage with their dealer and gain a deeper understanding of the smart home experience.”

Customers today have higher-than-ever expectations when they walk into a showroom; they are seeking a purposeful, personalised, and educational retail experience. They need to see, touch, feel and compare in person, to properly evaluate products and make a confident decision in their purchases. A brick-and-mortar location provides the storytelling, interactivity, and lifestyle demonstrations that allow homeowners to take control of their technology by test-driving everything from lighting control to entertainment.

Control4 Certified Showrooms reflect a significant investment by premier Control4 Certified Dealers who are passionate about Control4 brands. Our showroom will showcase a range of lifestyle demonstrations including: (Keep the ones you have or detail your immersive experience)

  • One-room entertainment
  • Smart Lighting
  • Multi-room audio and video
  • Security (Peace of Mind)
  • Comfort
  • Voice Control
  • Networking

Nirvana AV invites our community homeowners and those in building and design professions, to #C4Yourself Day on Thursday, October 18, 2018. This event will take place in Control4 Certified Showrooms around the world, so there has never been a better time to experience a truly smart home. Don’t miss this – join us to #C4Yourself!

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