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smart lighting

Smart lighting brings elegance, ambience, convenience and energy efficiency to your whole home

Elegant and Efficient Lighting

Smart lighting is one of the biggest opportunities for you to subtly, but effectively, influence the ambience of your home and complement the aesthetics of its decor.

Brighten or dim any light in the room—or the entire house—with a single touch. Or automate lighting to respond to your life, without any touch at all.

Smart lighting is both beautiful and energy efficient. Your lighting automatically turns on when you need the light, but turns itself off when no one is in the room. 

It’s not just smart, it’s brilliant


Have the lights in the house turn on automatically to welcome you home. Plus, when smart lighting is tied to other systems in the home—such as the music, shades, temperature, security and more—the possibilities are virtually endless.

smart home audio system

insightful interaction

Control keypads provide a stunning interface for any Smart Home, combining flexible button configurations with beautiful colours and finishes. A “Goodnight” button can lower the shades, adjust the heat and turn off the lights.


Smart Lighting is both beautiful and energy efficient. Lights can be programmed to turn on when you enter a room and back off again when you’ve left.