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Bespoke cinema room design, tailor make the big screen experience at home

Jaw-dropping cinema

We can help you design a jaw-dropping home cinema by incorporating immersive high-resolution audio, high-definition video, best-in-class surround sound, an

enormous smart TV or projection screen, and customised lighting to complete the experience. 


As cinema installation experts, we draw upon our many years of experience to design and install exquisite bespoke and exclusive cinema systems that will stand the test of time. We specialise in transforming any room in your home into the perfect venue for watching films & TV shows, playing video games all whilst enjoying state of the art surround sound. Ideal for the whole family and entertaining guests.
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the total home cinema experience

A high-end smart home cinema is more than just the sum of its components. Whether you use it for movies, sports or gaming, you’ll probably want to extend the experience to other features within the house. For example,  you can program your lighting (and even your temperature) to create your perfect viewing environment.

smarter entertainment

Since your smart house “knows” when you’re watching something, it can respond appropriately when distractions intrude on your viewing experience by pausing the movie, raising the lights and notifying you that someone is at the door. Smart entertainment is all about making your high-end home entertainment experience work for you.

one remote to rule them all

By installing a smart home automation system, your A/V experience is simplified—giving you the power to control all of your audio and video devices and inputs with the single press of a button. You’ll no longer need to fumble through seven different remote controls just to turn the volume down or set your televison to the correct input.