Home automation & Cinema room in wrea green

Our client wanted to achieve a full smart home automation solution for his home located in Wrea Green, Lancashire. The brief included the full distribution of audio and visual equipment throughout the property including; a home cinema, smart lighting control, automated blinds, visual and audio equipment and a smart home security system.

The requirement was to achieve complete comfort and ease of living in the home, from an industry leading company who are smart home installation experts in the North West; to ensure the customers dream home became a reality. 

exterior of a Smart home

Powered by Control4 Software

We installed a complete home automation solution powered by the powerful Control4 software to act as the brain of the system. Control4 allows users to automate virtually anything in their home with an intuitive and elegant interface, with remotes, in-wall touch screen and apps for any smart device.

Despite the large amounts of equipment installed, we tactfully situated a dedicated AV rack in a discreet location, and we recessed speakers into the ceilings and walls.  

A wall mounted Control4 panel in a room

Bespoke Cinema Room

We installed a 4K UHD cinema projector with Dolby surround sound and Robson Acoustics Chronos speakers; with three speakers at the front and two mounted to the rear of the cinema room to provide a completely immersive cinema experience.

The cinema room was installed with HDTV, Apple TV and a high-spec Blu-Ray Player, allowing the customer to view all the latest blockbuster films. All controlled by the Control4 software, the customer has a dedicated remote for each room, and the home can be controlled from the dedicated central app. 

Home cinema room with the cinema displaying a waterfall

Cinema room technology: 

Sony VPL320ES HD projector 

2.6M wide projection screen

5 on-wall speakers 

2 ceiling speakers 

1 floor-mounted subwoofer 

Control4 local controller 

Control4 remote control 

 Video Sources

As well as the bespoke home cinema room, we also installed HD options throughout 9 other locations in the home, including the kitchen, lounge, gym, swimming pool and bedrooms. We optimised the system to the customer’s exact requirements so that all sources can be independently selected in any of the rooms connected to the Control4 system; including connecting the customers Sky subscription service.


Inside a living room of a smart home

“Initially, I wasn’t sure if I needed this level of tech in the new home I was building, and I was concerned it would be hard work!

Now it's complete, and we are living with it, I’m more than pleased. It has helped create a different living experience, and the whole family including my 7-year-old son are happy with how it works. It’s a valued part of our new home.

Nirvana and their technicians have done a great job designing and installing the whole system, and when we’ve had a few teething problems, or amendments they have responded quickly and sorted it out.

I would personally recommend Nirvana to anyone considering home automation.”

Person Image
Mr Sloane
Happy Customer

Audio Solutions 

The customer had very specific requirements for his audio solutions for his entertaining areas, which included an outdoor patio area and an indoor swimming pool, both of which were installed with high-quality waterproof speakers.

Excluding the specialised cinema room speakers, we installed a total of 31 speakers throughout the home with complete control, whether the customer wants music seamlessly streaming throughout the home, or just in selected rooms.

Automated Lighting

As the customer spends a lot of time in the garage, it was important in this project to make sure that Control4 home automation extended to this area. Whilst automated lighting was installed throughout the home, we installed programmed bespoke lighting to the large workshop area, activating one by one in a sequence when the garage door is opened and switches off in a sequence when leaving.


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