Automated Blinds – What You Need To Know

Blinds are great for dressing windows up and protecting yourself from heat and glare. Many people opt for the classic roman blind due to their timeless design and versatility to suit all types of interiors. However, if you’re entering the world of home automation, you may be considering getting automated blinds or curtains.

Whether you’re looking to install the blinds and automation together or you already have blinds in place, we can offer automation for existing blinds or work with designers to create the perfect look and seamless automation.

What are the benefits of automated blinds?

Whilst ideal for the obvious reasons, like windows in hard to reach places and being able to incorporate it into your morning routine, they’re ideal for home security. Accompanied with smart lighting, smart control blinds can add the illusion of somebody being home whilst you’re on holiday, or away from home, all managed from the Control4 app.

If you’re maximising the space in your home and doubling your living room up as your home cinema, automated blinds become even more valuable to your home automation experience. You can simply set this up as ‘cinema mode’ in the Control4 app, and you’ll be able to kick back to watch the latest blockbuster films at the touch of a button.

How do automated blinds work?

Depending on what type of blind you’re using, they are typically operated by using a small motor to gently lift or rotate the blind. Powered using the Control4 operating system, several settings can be set up to match your lifestyle and routines, including morning alarms which can be synced to your home audio.

Should I buy automated blinds?

If home automation is something you’re moving towards, automated blinds are something you should consider as it completes your home experience, creating more comfort and helps set a relaxed mood. They can be especially useful if you have children in the home, as the dangling cords used to operate standard blinds are not required, there’s no need to remember to keep them wrapped away safe.

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