multi-room audio System

Music at Your Fingertips

Immersive Multi-Room Audio

Change the way you listen to music—forever. Fill your entire home with music or listen to a specific playlist in just one room.
You’ll appreciate the flexibility to enjoy high-resolution music, your way with our audio systems.

Your interaction with music is visually stunning, album cover art is boldly showcased and it’s easy to locate your favourite artists and track information on your smartphone, touch screen or TV. 

music in every room

Whether you’re working in the garage, or whipping something up in the kitchen, music is a must have. Our multi-room audio system allows you to easily listen to the same thing in every room or something different in any room of the house.

someone holding an audio tablet supplied by Nirvana AV
smart lighting on display in a smart home living room with chairs and a sofa

smart home magic

High-resolution audio is more than just listening to a song with awesome acoustics. It’s setting the perfect scene to relax and really enjoy the music. With one touch of a Control4 keypad, or by using a simple voice command, the lights dim, the shades lower, the music starts to play, and the front door locks so you can enjoy the magic in peace and quiet. That’s the magic of a smart home.


Control4 and your favorite streaming services work harmoniously together to bring you the best tunes at the best quality. Deezer, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Napster, Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, and Tunein are all run natively through the Control4 audio system platform, which means the greatest jam session you’ve ever had is readily available, and easily accessible.

music in every room tablet display
Triad speaker on a wall indoors


The award-winning line of Triad audio speakers and products are specifically designed to stream high-resolution audio. Bringing you all the detail and texture for a more emotional experience, just as the artist intended.

triad speakers

Every Triad speaker is custom ordered and hand-crafted with only the highest quality materials. With beautiful designs, custom paint matching and producing nearly invisible speakers in all shapes and sizes Triad Speakers are the only speakers you’ll ever need.  All Triad speakers have a fantastic warranty to guarantee their workmanship. And with sound quality like this, the only speakers you’ll ever want!

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