Alexa vs Control4 – Smart Home Automation

Smart devices in the home have boomed in the last decade, with the development of simple ‘plug and play’ smart devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. If you’re looking to enter the world of home automation, you may be wondering if it’s better to go with the basic plug and play options offered by Amazon and Google, or look at something a little more advanced, like Control4.

The truth is, they’re not really competitors.

What are the differences between Alexa and Control4?

With Alexa, you’re only able to control compatible devices such as smart plugs, Phillips Hue bulbs and certain thermostats. With Control4, you’re opening your world up to a whole new range of smart home automation, with a limitless number of devices, collaboratively working together.

As smart as Alexa and Google Assistant may be, they’re not capable of organising multiple smart home devices, and that’s where Control4 comes in. As your home’s ‘brain’, Control4 will act as the conductor of a symphony that is your home, translating a simple voice command into a specific instruction that triggers multiple actions across your devices.

More advanced capabilities include your home automatically responding to your life, so you don’t have to touch or say anything at all. You’ll be able to walk into your home without turning on the lights as your favourite music plays, making your life more convenient and seamless.

However, we do not discourage the use of voice control assistants, as they add value to the Control4 home automation experience, and we have included them in many installations for our clients.

Why use voice control?

If you’re considering full home automation, you may be tempted to leave voice control out, but including them comes at a relatively low cost with lots of added extra benefits.

Whilst the impressive new Control4 NEEO remote has endless features, sometimes you’ll want to avoid searching around for the remote for some of the more basic tasks. For example, “Hey Google, please close the blinds and turn off the kitchen lights.”

Is home automation for me?

This largely depends on your lifestyle. You may be sceptical about technology, but if you regularly entertain friends and family, smart home automation is useful to have. Being able to control multiple devices from one central control means you’re always aware of what your younger children are watching, and you’ll be able to have music flow in several rooms, or just one.

People who benefit from home automation want to create a more comfortable, safer home for the family to enjoy.

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