A day in the life of a smart home 

a luxury home with smart home lighting

There was a time when interactive homes were something you only saw in Sci-Fi movies, but, as technology evolved, so did the home.

As we continue to advance, these smart homes aren’t just the property of the rich anymore, with home automation systems becoming more accessible to everyone.

While this may sound fascinating, you’re probably wondering what a day in the life of a smart home looks like. Let us break it down for you.

The morning

There are a number of issues you can face first thing in the morning. The sudden shock of being woken up by an alarm, the struggle of getting up when it’s dark and the lack of warmth outside the quilt. With a smart home, however, all of that can change.

With a smart home system installed you can programme the heating to come on and heat the house to the perfect morning temperature, which also means you won’t be too hot when getting ready – which can be troublesome when drying your hair.

When it comes to waking up, whether it’s through a blind opening or natural lights switching on gradually, getting up will become easier. This is due to you being able to set the system to lift the blind or gradually switch on the lighting, helping you wake up naturally, rather than forcibly through an alarm.

Then there’s that morning coffee. As the whole world begins to get smarter, devices in the home you never knew needed to be smart, are. Take a coffee machine, which can be told to make coffee before you even reach the bottom of the stairs. And let’s not forget voice control systems such as Amazon’s Alexa, which can inform you of the weather and the traffic simply by asking aloud.

Safety while out

Of course, chances are, you won’t be in your home for most of the day. While we typically feel that our homes are safe thanks to locking the doors and windows, a smarter home affords that extra layer of security.

Easily programmed through an in-home system, smart home security can be monitored through devices such as smartphones and tablets. This means you can check security cameras while out and even check if you’ve locked the door or not. Systems can also provide alerts to let you know if anything suspicious happens.

Having a smart home also means you’ll be able to return to a clean home every day. With smart cleaning devices that can be activated while you’re out, these can ensure the floors are vacuumed while you’re away. You can even get smart sprinklers for the garden if you’re away for a long time, while some pet feeders come with built-in smart technology for those times you forget to feed the cat.

When you get home

Returning back to your home will never be easier when you’ve installed a number of home automation tools. Not only will you be safe in the knowledge that nothing’s happened at the house, but, you’ll be able to walk into sheer paradise.

With smart lighting you can activate before you get home, there’ll be no worry about scrambling around the dark of the hallway. You’ll even be able to unlock the door before you reach it with one of these systems.

Remember that coffee machine? The smart functionality means you’ll be able to have a nice hot drink once you get home, while the smart home system will already have the oven warming ready for dinner.

Once bedtime arrives, getting into bed without doing anything will be much easier. Through apps on your phone or tablet, you’ll be able to switch off lights, lower blinds and check the doors are locked once you’re under the covers. You can even do this through voice-activated systems, meaning you won’t even need to use your device.

What about weekends?

The best thing about smart home systems is they aren’t restricted to a one-timer setting. Therefore, you’ll be able to set different timings for the lights, blinds and heating for over the weekend to make sure you get that lie in before enjoying a day of relaxing.

Extra smart

What’s really great about a smart home is the way it not only makes you feel safe while at work but also when you’re on holiday. Through your handheld device, you’ll be able to check your home wherever you are in the world, helping to relieve you of the stress it can bring.

Meanwhile, smart systems also help you to keep an eye on everything such as water, gas and electric usage to help you save money while making your home a little greener.

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