4 Most Wanted Home Automation Features

Bespoke Home Cinema

Smart homes and home automation are things we’re becoming very familiar with, with many already incorporating some basic devices in their homes, such as Alexa/ Google Assistant, video doorbells, and smart lightbulbs. This is only scratching the surface when it comes to implementing smart home automation.

We’ve previously covered what the different levels of smart homes are in our complete guide.

But as technology continues to advance, what are the most sought-after features, and how can they improve everyday life?

Smart Thermostats 

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats offer a convenient way to manage the climate of your home, ensuring that it always remains a comfortable temperature. If integrated into your home routines, it will be able to detect when you’re typically home, detect how cold it is outside and save you money by not being on more than it needs to be.

According to Which?, smart thermostats can reduce your energy usage by up to 37%. An attractive stat if you’re consciously trying to reduce your family’s carbon footprint

We’ve previously written an article around how home automation can help you become more energy efficient for further insight.

Home Security

Home security is at the top of most families list. Protecting the family home has become much easier with the popularity of smart home devices. As a platinum Control4 dealer, we’re asked to advise the best home security solutions on almost all of our projects.

When talking about home security, it’s easy just to think about CCTV placed around the home, but it can be much more than that. Control4 allows us to integrate several devices and features to add extra layers of security.

For example, ‘Mockupancy’ is a type of occupancy simulation. If you have chosen Control4 as your home automation system, you’ll be able to set your system to ‘away mode’ which will replay your past behaviours (at slightly randomised times), controlling your blinds, lighting and video entertainment. To an outside observer, it will look like somebody is home.

Multi-Room Audio Systems 

If entertaining in the family home is something that regularly happens, immersive multi-room audio will change the way you get together forever. Some home automation systems choose to install various ‘standing’ speakers, such as Sonos, where others may choose to build their speaker system into their ceilings.

Different options suit various needs, but to have the best experience, the audio should be controlled by one central system allowing you to control the music from your smartphone, or a touch-screen device recessed to the wall.

Bespoke Home Cinema 

Home cinemas are seen as a more luxury option when considering installing a smart home automation system, but it is highly sought after. As a more specialist product, we often discuss the exact requirements to properly understand the design requirements and to make sure that the space can be used by the whole family.

Whether you would like to install your Apple TV, Skybox or even a games console, we ensure that the system is correctly installed so you can experience your library from anywhere in the house and not just one room.

Some distractions are inevitable, however, Control4 home automation allows you to respond appropriately, by, for example, pausing your movie, raising the lights and alerting you that somebody is at the door.

Of course, smart home automation is in its early adoption phase as many families are exploring the world of home automation with off the shelf devices. This is a great way to start, as many families that adopt products such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa will often find themselves seeking more features and personalisation.

Bespoke Home Cinema

Our previous article around integrating off the shelf products with Control4 will explain how these families can take the next step towards advanced smart homes.

If you would like more information on smart home automation, please get in touch with our experts by clicking this link.