​What is a Smart Home OS?

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1) A smart home OS unifies every device in your home

A smart home OS creates a truly intelligent home by supporting and controlling products across all categories of electronics, appliances, and systems in your home (or at least most of them). For example, the Control4 product line includes:

Smart Lighting
Security cameras
A video door station
A smart thermostat
Universal remotes
Multi-room music and video
Home theatre audio and control

All of these devices are then unified and orchestrated by the Control4 Smart Home OS—and it’s not just for Control4 products. A great smart home OS  embraces choice because every home is a mix of products from a variety of companies. That’s why the Control4 Smart Home OS is compatible with over 13,500 third-party products like smart sprinkler systems, pool controls, smart locks, and more.

A great smart home OS  embraces choice, because every home is a mix of products from a variety of companies.

So what does the unification of all these devices look like? Let’s say most nights, you and your family sit down for dinner. You tap “Dinner Time” on your Control4 keypad in the kitchen, and the window shades roll down, the upstairs bedroom lights flash twice to let your family know dinner is ready, your favourite playlist comes on, and your smart pet-feeder gives the family dog his dinner so he’s not begging under the table for scraps.


2) A smart home OS is simple and personalized in meaningful ways

A powerful smart home OS is designed so you can personalise your experience and elevate what’s most important to you, so that the controls you use most are front and centre. Control Smart Home OS 3 gives you control over how your interface is organised. Intuitively designed, the Control4 Smart Home OS lets you favourite rooms and scenes, and arrange devices as you like, so that you can quickly access the controls and features that are most important to you.

For example, a Master Bedroom dashboard might typically have a Wake Up scene that opens the window shades and plays your favourite music at a specific time every morning, but it could also show controls and at-a-glance statuses for your home security system and door locks so that you can make sure your home is secure from the comfort of your bed. It’s little things like this that makes having a customised smart home so meaningful.


3) A smart home OS gives you more than one option to interface and control

While a true smart home OS lets you replace multiple apps with just one that gives you complete control of your entire home, it also provides alternative ways to interact with your home. While it may feel like we’re always on our smartphones, there will inevitably be times where it is the least convenient option. Whether it’s voice control, a universal remote, or in-wall tablets and keypads, Control4 gives you a variety of ways to command your home.

4) A smart home OS is initially configured by a professional, who offers concierge tech support when you need it

Much like electricity, plumbing, or heating and cooling, a truly intelligent home is not a DIY project. For a smart home to be comprehensive, reliable, and robust, its OS will require a rock-solid network and proper configuration and installation.

Control4 Smart Home Professionals are trained and experienced when it comes to designing electronic ecosystems. They’ll work with you to create a smart home that meets your needs and fits within your budget, and they’ll make sure the tech infrastructure of your smart home is dependable and future-proof—meaning that they’ll make sure your network and hardware can handle more devices, should you decide to expand in the future.

Once your home is installed and the core programming is finished, your Smart Home Professional will teach you how to manage and personalise your smart home OS and ensure you know how to adjust presets and create scenes. If ever you need tech support or decide you want to add or remove devices, your Smart Home Professional can provide concierge-style tech support and service.